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Sump Pump Services on Long Island

Protecting Your Basement from Flooding

No one should ever enter their basement and be surprised by a pool of water or excessive flooding. At NH Ross, Inc., we understand that maintaining all of the appliances and equipment in your home or business can be difficult. Many home and business owners do not fully realize how valuable a sump pump is. These important units help protect your property from severe water damage, so it is important to keep your sump pump in prime condition. Often, our customers are not even aware that their sump pumps have stopped working until after a bad rainstorm.

With nearly 50 years of plumbing experience in our family run business, our experienced Long Island sump pump service technicians can help you address routine maintenance, repair, and replacement of your sump pump equipment.

When Should You Replace Your Sump Pump?

Just like any other type of appliance or equipment, sump pumps are subject to normal wear and tear. It's best practice to replace your sump pump every 5 years or so. If you don't know the age of your sump pump, it may be time to replace it as well. Maintenance can help prevent the need for early replacement but after so many years, your sump pump will need to be replaced. We recommend checking its operation once or twice a year and investing in a battery-backup for long and intense storms. Our expert Long Island sump pump service team can serve all of your sump pump needs throughout Suffolk and Nassau counties at a fair and affordable price.

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The Importance of a Sump Pump in Your Home

Generally located in a basement or crawl space, a sump pump works during storms to move water away from the property. This helps to prevent flooding and water damage. If your sump pump works properly, it can protect your belongings and the foundation of your home. Should it stop working, repair or replacement may be necessary to help eliminate the possibility of water damage.

What different kinds of sump pumps are there?

There are several different options of sump pumps to choose from, each offering different perks. In having so many different options for sump pumps it allows you to pick whichever model best suits you and your house hold. Let our expert sump pump services in Long Island help you decide.

The various types of sump pumps include:

  • Pedestal -
    The pedestal sump pump are an upright pump that has and impeller at the base of the pedestal. With the motor located above the pump and isn't supposed to get wet. These pumps are normally less expensive than submersible pumps but tend to be louder and overheat easier.
  • Submersible -
    Sump pumps that are submersible are installed in a sump pit and are meant to function underwater. These types of pumps are normally a little more expensive than your normal pedestal sump pumps, but have a longer life-span and are much quieter.
  • Battery backup -
    Battery backup sump pumps are normally used to make sure that the primary pumps always have power. Sometimes a primary pump can fail due to power outages, mechanical failure or excessive use. Having this battery back up sump pump for when the power goes out or the motor overheats will help you to avoid flooding.
  • Water backup -
    A normal sump pump is your first line of defense, but having a water powered back up will ensure you always have something for when the power goes out. The water backup sump pump is a solid defense against possible flood damage. This sump pump uses your home's water supply lines to pump out water in the sump pit. 

No matter what type of sump pump you have, our Long Island plumbers can service it. We can also recommend the right type of sump pump for your home or business if you are looking to replace or upgrade your old one.

Call us today at (631) 240-0100 if your sump pump needs professional attention. Our team looks forward to helping you.

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