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Long Island Oil to Gas Conversions

Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Natural gas is a clean, energy efficient fuel source that can be used to heat your home. If you are still using an oil-burning heating source, you have likely dealt with the many disadvantages, such as the smell of soot in your home and the nuisance of dealing with oil deliveries. At NH Ross, Inc., we have been performing Long Island oil to gas conversion services for years. You may be able to save a significant amount on your heating bills and see a rapid return on your investment when you switch to gas.undefined

What Are the Benefits of a Gas Heating System?

Whether you are considering an oil to gas conversion to "go green" or to invest in a financially sound option, natural gas is an excellent choice. Homes relying on oil-burning heating systems, which are considered outdated and even unsafe in some situations, would benefit from upgrading from a oil to gas conversion in Long Island.

A few of the benefits of our Long Island oil to gas conversion include:

  • Efficiency:
    Gas is much more efficient than oil since it burns at a hotter temperature. Increased efficiency pays for itself over the years.
  • Environmental benefits:
    Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, emitting far less pollution than oil. Converting to gas can decrease your carbon footprint.
  • Affordability:
    Natural gas is far less expensive than oil, around 30 to 50% on average. Natural gas prices are regulated to keep them steady, unlike oil which fluctuates.
  • On-demand:
    When you heat oil, you have to store the fuel tank on your property, taking up storage space and requiring oil deliveries. Natural gas is available on demand.

What Does it Cost to Convert from Oil to Gas Heating?

The cost to switching from oil to gas heating varies from home to home. There are many components that go into the price. Some factors include if you need a gas line installed from the mainline to your home, the age of your heating system, and if you need a chimney liner installed. But while the costs may vary for conversion, you will inevitably save more money in the long term by switching from oil to gas. Our skilled technicians at NH Ross Inc. can survey your home and help you find the right gas heating options for you.

A Reliable, Local Company You Can Trustnational grid value plus installer

If you are thinking about investing in a gas heater on Long Island, our team of Long Island oil to gas conversion technicians are prepared to help. We have nearly 50 years of experience handling Long Island oil to gas conversion services for residential and commercial customers throughout Suffolk and Nassau counties. You can rely on our helpful and friendly staff to provide you with high-quality service, transparent pricing, and a written warranty on the work we complete. We can help you determine if a gas conversion is right for you and your family. We also offer rebates for new energy efficient equipment as a Value Plus Installer. Don't hesitate to give our expert Long Island oil to gas conversion team a call and get started on a much more beneficial heating system for you and your home.

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