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Long Island Boiler Repair & Heating Services

Keeping Your Boiler in Prime Condition

If you depend on a boiler to heat your home or business, you know just how efficient and durable they can be. However, if your boiler has started to fail, professional service is key. You need a Long Island heating technician with experience handling boiler repairs and replacements when your unit malfunctions. At NH Ross, Inc., we can help keep your boiler working properly year round with careful maintenance and the occasional repair when it becomes necessary.

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Reliable Boiler Repairs & Installations

Boilers are one of the most reliable heating systems out there, which is why business owners and homeowners continue to use them. Whether you have a steam, gas, or combination boiler, there are a number of common issues that you may encounter over the years.

A few of the most common signs that a boiler needs service include:

  • No hot water -
    One obvious sign that your boiler needs repair or service is that you have no hot water or their is a lack of heat. This could be due to a malfunction of a faulty part and needs replacing. Call our professional technicians to find out what to do.

  • Strange sounds -
    Boilers usually make a variety of noises when starting up and shutting down. Often times people will usually learn to tune them out as background noise. But, if you notice an unusual sound coming from your boiler this could be a result of mineral building up on the heat exchange.

  • Strange Smells -
    Odd smells coming from your boiler is a sure sign that something is not working correctly. If you are smelling burnt metal, plastic of even oil, this could be an indicator that your circuits are overheating.

  • Water is leaking -
    Seeing a water leak is an obvious sign of trouble. It could be a pipe connection came loose or it could be something much more complex that may involve faulty internal components. Regardless, give our expert Long Island boiler repair team a call for professional help.

  • Unusually high bills -
    If you notice that your energy bill is much higher than before, it could be that your boiler is working much harder in order to keep the cold weather out. Your boiler just may need maintenance in order to lower that energy bill again.

Maintenance performed by a professional heating technician can help to prevent some problems. However, you may still need assistance due to normal wear and tear over time. You can depend on us to diagnose the problem and determine if it should be resolved with a repair or a complete replacement.

Contact a Long Island Heating Professional

While some boiler problems are more of an annoyance, others may require immediate attention. When you are experiencing a major issue with your boiler, NH Ross is here to provide you with immediate emergency repairs. We serve customers throughout Suffolk and Nassau counties and are known for our upfront pricing, professional and licensed technicians, and our quality workmanship.

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