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Orest Fedak
Orest Fedak 5.0

Bill and this company have given me a great first impression - he really knew his stuff and friendly as heck too. I’m still in the evaluation phase of this project - Bill only helped himself with his presentation.

Anthony John
Anthony John 5.0

Responsive, fast, professional, educational and fair. Great experience with Henry who came out on one of the coldest days of the year. Thank you!

Byron L Preston
Byron L Preston 5.0

Zach B. was a true professional who went over and above during his service call to ensure the work he performed was to our satisfaction.

Marc Forkosh
Marc Forkosh 5.0

Zach was great.

Susan Falcone
Susan Falcone 5.0

I am very happy with the services provided from NH Ross. My technician, John R. explained the issue and gave various ways of repair. He was highly knowledgeable with an approachable disposition to any questions I had.

Rida Farooq
Rida Farooq 1.0

This company is horrible. Do not use. I’ll be reporting them to the county. They will price gouge you, overcharge by hundreds and don’t respect what you’ll say (especially if you’re a woman). They came this morning to my house (1/27) because I ...have three outlets in my house that did not work. They came to my house, told me it would be $896.90 + tax + cost of materials to fix these outlets. I said that’s too much for me to pay, but thank you for coming. They said okay that will be $79 for a service fee and kept trying to sell me on their subscription plan, and insisted they do an inspection of the house. I declined their inspection for the house and they went upstairs to where my tenants live, without consulting me, or telling me they would be going up there. This was fine, I told them they shouldn’t have done that and they did the inspection of the ground floor and left. Fine. Then I called another licensed electrician from a different company (GreenLite) who did the work for $175 in 45 minutes. I’m not angry at this point. Then later tonight, their customer service team calls me to say “how was your experience” and I tell them oh honestly not so great, I won’t be using the company because another electrician came and did it and the customer service rep cuts me off and says “no that wasn’t a licensed electrician then” and I’m like no it definitely was and I was like how are you telling me that? Like did you call me to argue with me? I thought you wanted to hear my experience? And then he said “YOURE BEING AN EMOTIONAL WOMAN” so overall these guys overcharge, price gouge, and awful humans. Do not use if your husband won’t be home, or you’re a single woman.Read More...

xiaoou gao
xiaoou gao 5.0


Javaid Ahmed
Javaid Ahmed 5.0

Nice job.👍

Karen Mullen
Karen Mullen 5.0

Henry has been amazing and very helpful to me with every issue. I couldn't ask for someone so helpful. Ty Henry.

krystell aquino
krystell aquino 5.0
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