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Paul Sullivan
Paul Sullivan 5.0
Frank Guidice
Frank Guidice 5.0

Called to have a leak repaired. Technician Chris responded. He performed exceptionally. He was knowledgeable and professional . He quickly located and replaced a valve . He was very personable and courteous. He was respectful of our home and carefully ...completed the task at hand. A credit to your organization. One of the best service people I’ve ever had work in my home.Read More...

Chris 5.0

Henry exudes competence, was friendly and explained everything clearly. He's the best HVAC tech I've ever encountered.

Jim Ryan
Jim Ryan 1.0

Never have this outfit do work for you! The quality of work was reprehensible! To make matters worse when you call they don't have your information because their "computer system changed several times" and they become indignant then unprofessional and ...then blame you for their shortcomings! The person I spoke to who I believe to the the owner had a very short fuse! The photographs are of a Aprilaire humidifier install. The humidifier worked after installation but as all do required some maintenance. When I attempted to do the maintenance, pad replacement, as shown on the sticker in the photograph it was extremely difficult because the installer modified the unit and then installed it in place without any provisions for the homeowner to maintain the unit. Notice the tape sealing the custom half of the unit to the manufactures half. Also noticed that the installer BURIED the water value behind the sheetrock so that there is NO shutoff! You need to shut the water off to the ENTIRE house when working on this unit. In addition the installer weaved the wires and pipes between my parents shelving so that the shelving can't be removed without removing the humidifier!!! And of course the humidifier can't be removed without shutting the water in the house off. The screws that attached the modified section of the unit to the manufactures section are in the front and back. The ones in the back are right up against the wall because the unit was assembled elsewhere and put into place. As you can see in an attempt to replace the pad I had to cut the tape, remove the screws in the front and pry the two halves apart very carefully with gloves on because the edges are very sharp. A five minute job took two hours!! I gave NH Ross every chance to see the shoddy work that they did but they refused to acknowledge it. I'm truly embarrassed to say my elderly parents who were having chronic skin issues tipped the installer. Hopefully Suffolk County pulls their license because this type of work is shocking!!! You can do better with someone else!!! Update: 2/24/21 4:30 pm - Spoke to NH Ross. As requested I provided them with contact information and the location of the work. Despite their public response to inspect the work they'll only do so if they find the work order in their system but readily admit they don't have work orders older than 10 years old. My 86 yo Mother claims to have the receipt but lacks the stamina to look for it and since I've had to address the immediate concern with the unit our motivation to find a receipt has been mitigated. NH Ross claims they'll research work orders during the time period of the install. Once I hear from them again I'll update my review. It should be noted that "Mr. Ross" appears to identify as male rather than female so the google listing information claiming this organization is "women led" is incorrect.Read More...

e b
e b 5.0

Nick C was great! He was very professional and friendly and took time to answer my questions. Job well done!

Keith Wunsch
Keith Wunsch 5.0

Always very pleasant and professional

Jarret Hinson
Jarret Hinson 5.0

Henry was very professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

Ruth Cardone
Ruth Cardone 5.0

I had a leak in my kitchen underneath the sink. Carlos diagnosed the problem immediately. I feel he is an asset to the Ross company because of his expertise and professional knowledge. Due to this He sold me a contract today. Because of his ...professionalism I would want The Ross company to take care of my plumbing, HVAC, and electrical problems. Thank you Carlos for working with Ross.Read More...

robert medina
robert medina 5.0

Highly recommend.

Denis Dym
Denis Dym 5.0
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