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Keep Your Home Warm This Winter with a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System

December 16, 2022

The warm summer weather has sadly come to an end which means now we must prepare for winter. Keeping warm during these cool New York winters is extremely important. Making sure you have a reliable heating system in your home is a necessity before the bitter weather arrives. Installing a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump in your home may be what saves you this upcoming winter! 

Here is some information about Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumping Systems:

  • Easy installation
  • Lowers energy use and electric bill
  • Much cheaper than most HVAC systems
  • Environmentally friendly – avoid energy loss
  • Temperature flexibility- different temperatures from room to room

The New York weather is never predictable so it’s best to be prepared for the cold weather before it hits! Installing a ductless system offers flexibility for each room you install one in. Not only will they keep you warm during the winter, but they can also keep you cool during the summer! It’s a win, win!

Our technicians here at NH Ross can give you an installation proposal according to your space. They will be able to tell what exactly will work best for you and what needs to be done! 

If you are considering a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump for your home but don’t know where to start, you can contact us or schedule an appointment so we can come to analyze exactly what your home needs! Schedule your appointment online at