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Protect Your Home from Leaks!

June 15, 2022

Water damage is more likely to occur in your home than fire damage or theft, yet it seems to be the one that homeowners don’t focus on the most. Water damage can be brutal when left unchecked. From warped flooring, mold, odors, ruined furniture and more – it’s important to take preventative action to ensure that these things never have to be a concern. At NH Ross, we want to give our customers that peace of mind and that’s why we’re introducing LeakSmart!

LeakSmart is the world’s most intelligent leak and flood protection system. With this product, you’ll get total home water protection. This works with sensors placed strategically at high-risk appliances that will detect in-wall leaks and appliance level leaks. These sensors will protect your property and keep cherished memories safe no matter where you are!

The moment that LeakSmart detects unwanted water, the sensor will spring into action! An alarm will sound, send you an alert and the LeakSmart valve will shut off the main water supply.

The 24/7 monitoring and protection that this system offers allows you to avoid problems like freezing pipes or mold-causing moisture and can detect if they have been accidentally moved or flipped over. You will also be able to control and manage your water usage to create a water-efficient home!

If you want to take control of your home and your water system while also getting ahead of any potential damage, give NH Ross a call today!