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Water Filtration with NH Ross

January 10, 2022

Water quality is a massive issue for many homeowners on Long Island. While hard water and other substances are all common, they can lead to anything from strange tastes to pipe scale and even more consequences. This is why water filtration is a crucial part to any homes plumbing system! Let the experts at NH Ross equip your home with a state-of-the-art filtration system using Envrio Water Products.

Envrio Water Products is one of the leading names in water quality solutions and they have been at the forefront of this incredible technology for years. Their systems are capable of accommodating everything from small condos to larger homes and you’ll get clean, clear and great tasting water.

Make sure you know your Enviro Water Products filtration options from NH Ross!

We offer the Carbon Series Whole House Water Filtration which is Enviro’s flagship water filtration product. This ultra-efficient solution is chemical free and is installed on your main water line in two different parts. First there is a sediment filter that removes solid materials like calcium and magnesium and then second part is a carbon filter that focuses on removing chemicals and other substances. The main benefit of choosing this system is that it effects every faucet and fixture in your home!

The other product we offer is Enviro’s Water Heater Shield Scale Protection. Scale is one of the biggest threats to the lifespan of your water heater – that’s why shield is a massive investment in your home. This product works to remove all kinds of harmful substances from your water before it enters your water heater. It’s also easy to install, discreet and uses no additional power!

Lastly we also offer the 6-Stage Pro Reverse Osmosis System! This system uses the latest membrane technology to reduce water waste. Once the filtration is complete, the beneficial minerals we rely on are added back into the water as part of a two stage post filter! This system even includes a tap that comes in three classic metallic finishes – chrome, brushed nickel and bronze.

If you’re ready to start improving the quality of your water system – it’s time to get started. Contact us to learn more or request an installation consultation today!