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Why Should I Switch to a Zone Controlled AC System?

A woman set the thermostat at house.

One person’s warm, the other person’s cold. When it comes to the temperature in your home, it seems there’s just no satisfying anyone. That’s because your central air system distributes air evenly throughout your house.

A zoned system solves that dilemma. Finally, occupants in different zones or rooms can control precisely how warm or cool they want it without affecting the temperature in other parts of the home. In other words, comfort for everyone.

Ductless mini-splits make this configuration possible. Several indoor units can be connected to one outside condenser or compressor.

Customized comfort isn’t the only benefit. Here, we examine all the advantages of upgrading to a zoned AC system.

Fewer Allergens

Unlike a traditional HVAC unit, a zone-controlled AC system does not depend on ducts to distribute air. Instead, it uses a fan that operates continuously for air purification. From pollen to dust mites, this helps eliminate a wide range of potential irritants. You also won’t have to worry about any contaminants hiding in your ducts. Allergy sufferers will appreciate the extra peace of mind.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Even if you don’t have allergies, a zone-controlled AC unit can still benefit your health. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Because we spend a lot of time inside on hot days, this is especially troubling.

Ductless mini-splits operate lower and slower than conventional central air systems, which means they’re recirculating the air more. And some models use advanced filtration to remove more pollutants from the air.

Better Comfort

As you know, everyone’s body is different. While an indoor temperature of 75 degrees may feel perfect to one person, the next may find this temperature to be too warm. A zone-controlled HVAC system gives homeowners a great deal of flexibility. There’s a separate thermostat for each zone.

After the installation of a zone-controlled unit, you can expect to experience enhanced comfort. Everyone will be able to set the thermostat to their desired temperature. Furthermore, hot and cold spots are virtually eliminated. Some of the newer systems link to your smartphone, which allows you to adjust the climate remotely.

Saves Money

During the summertime, many homeowners become concerned about increased energy bills. Unfortunately, the cost of staying cool can become expensive. A traditional HVAC system draws significantly more energy trying to cool your entire home. To save more money, step up to a zone-controlled AC system.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a zone-controlled HVAC system can lower your energy bill by up to 30 percent. Set the temperature for rarely used rooms higher in the summer and a cooler temperature in the winter. You can save even more money by remotely adjusting the thermostat when no one is home.

Less Maintenance

Although a zoned AC unit requires some servicing, it doesn’t need as much maintenance as a traditional unit. There isn’t any ductwork that needs to be professionally cleaned or repaired. Zone-controlled systems also have the potential to last longer. They don’t have to work nearly as hard, which translates to enhanced durability.

Easy Installation

If you’re converting your basement or attic into a livable space, or building an addition, a ductless mini-split can provide targeted comfort to that area. This is a more cost-effective approach. The alternative would be to extend the ductwork to the space, which would require an expensive retrofit.

In contrast, a ductless unit can simply be mounted to a wall or drop ceiling with a connection to the outside compressor. You can have temperature control for your new room within hours, not days.

Bottom line: A ductless mini-split system is significantly more efficient than a conventional HVAC unit, providing enhanced comfort at a fraction of the cost. NH Ross is Long Island’s ductless mini-split expert! To schedule your appointment, call (631) 240-0100.

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