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Benefits of Mini-Split Heat Pumps

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Many homeowners on Long Island are choosing to make the switch to mini-split heat pumps. Though they’re growing in popularity across the island, there is still some confusion on their function and benefits. If your home is consistently battling over the thermostat, a mini-split heat pump may be the choice for you. Here’s what you should know.

What is a Mini-Split Heat Pump?

A mini-split system is comprised of four components, which are capable of cooling and heating different areas of your home. Whether your goal is to heat or cool large, spacious areas, or you want to control the temperature of individual rooms, these units can do both. Refrigerant circulates in copper coils and transforms from a liquid into vapor.

Advantages of a Mini-Split System

Homes that are either too warm during the spring and summer, or too cold during the fall or winter may find these systems the most beneficial. In addition to the ability to control different areas of your home at once, mini-split heat pumps offer the following benefits:

Energy efficiency

It’s no secret that heating costs skyrocket in the colder months — but do they have to? With a mini-split system, you can cut down on your utility costs and still experience the same temperature comforts. There is no other heating unit on the market that is more energy-efficient than a mini-split unit.

Quiet operation

There’s no reason getting the appropriate temperature has to disrupt the peace of your home. With your new mini-split unit, you won’t hear any of the bubbling, gurgling, or cracking that you may be used to with your current heating and cooling unit. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie knowing that your home is the perfect temperature.

Continued comfort

We all know how frustrating it is to try to fall asleep in a hot room, and how difficult it can be to stay warm on a frigid night. A mini-split system allows you to remain comfortable by heating your room separately. If you want your living room or bedrooms to be warmer than your dining room, you can do so with these systems.

Elimination of ductwork

Ducts are passageways used in traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units that deliver and remove air. In a mini-split system, the installation of ducts is not necessary, meaning that they do not use these ventilation units as part of their air supply delivery process. No ducts mean no bi-annual cleaning, which means less maintenance!

Reduced carbon footprint

With an HVAC system, your home heats at the same temperature regardless of which rooms are in use. Now, you can section your home into ‘zones’ and adjust temperature settings for each individually. Which means less air used, and a smaller carbon footprint.

Easy installation

Mini-split heat pumps are minimally invasive in comparison to traditional HVAC units. Additionally, these systems use small pipes that carry hot and cold air between inside and outside units.

Improved indoor air quality

Without air ducts catching indoor allergens in one place, the contaminants in your home will be filtered out through heat pumps, making it easier for your family to breath.

Switch to a Mini-Split with NH Ross, Inc.

At NH Ross, Inc., we recommend ductless mini-splits systems for customers who want to save space and avoid the noise associated with air ducts. Our experienced and professional Long Island heating and cooling technicians can repair, maintain, and install a mini-split system in your home or business at any time. Contact us today at (631) 240-0100 to learn more about mini-split systems or schedule a service appointment.

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